Being a landlord is hard work. The most important rights you have as a landlord are to be paid rent timely and for your property to remain free from damage.

If a tenant is breaking the terms of his/her lease, it may be best for the landlord to commence an eviction action. I know the local court rules to allow your eviction to go through with ease. Failing to know the rules can cause a tenant to be improperly evicted or a landlord to have to start the process all over again. I can help you get it right the first time by providing you with proper notices to leave, a thorough complaint in court, and ensuring a set out if the tenant remains in the property. I can also do the collections for past due rent, damages, and future rent.

Request a consultation and let me assist you in getting your valuable property back. I can come to your place of business, so you don't miss any more time than necessary with your customers.

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